Wellness basket


-bath sponge
-hydrating facial gel
-pumice stone
-facial scrub lavender
-dove body cream
-3pc set nail polish
-aloe vera body lotion
-under eye serum
-cleansing cloths
-4pc manicure set
-5pc pedicure set
-scented potpourri
-relaxing candle

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There is nothing more refreshing than delivering a get well basket that sends get well wishes to anyone who is sick. So many items can be put in a package that will help anyone overcome a sickness they are experiencing.

If you are looking for creative ideas to show someone that you care, here are a few ideas that are easy to assemble to make an extraordinary get well basket for those you care about.

If you are looking for a quick completely pre-assembled get well basket, you will be surprised

at the collection and variety of ideas that you find on the internet. Purchasing a package quick and easy from the comforts of your home makes shopping easy.

Taking your time to find the perfect gift to please any personality or lifestyle is fun. Many websites

have an assortment of delights to pick from and offer convenient methods of payment. Along with

this can come same day or overnight delivery if you so choose.

To give you an idea of what is out there let your imagination run wild.

In some cases, these tips may help you complete your own get well basket giving you the

opportunity to personalize it. Some ideas include get well baskets that include instant soup packets,

along with nicely wrapped crackers, a thermometer, and maybe a nice book to read while you are lying in bed under the weather.

Beautiful Gourmet basket


Another idea would be soothers. This could have over the counter remedies, aromatic candles, peppermints that sooth the throat, cough drops, and even green tea that is good for you.

A nice get well basket does not have to be a basket actually. You could design an open box that has sheets

of music and Compact Discs of soothing music to help relax you and take your mind off of your sickness.

Little trinkets that are fun, like a dinner bell to ring if you need to get the assistance of a family member. Magazines, word books, and crossword puzzles are also entertaining when you are bored to death with bed rest.

A get well basket can also be surrounded with a nice wrap or throw that can help keep you warm. This type of item or any of the others mentioned will be well received by the recipient, memorable, and appreciated for sure.

If you have exhausted all areas and still cannot find the perfect gift for your treasured loved one or friend, there is one gift that never fails. That is the old faithful potted plant wellness basket

There is such a vast variety of plants to choose from to lift any spirit and brighten a room as well. If that does not work a nice

spray of fresh flowers tucked in a get well gift basket with care instruction and plant food will surely be a hit.

The next time you have a sick friend or relative, take the time to take

a peek at the abundance of ideas

you will encounter when you shop for the perfect gift that will convey

get well wishes and make someone feel better.

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