Movie basket


-lay’s stax
-3 bags of popcorn
-sour patch
-sweedish fish
-reese’s pieces
-3 cracker jack caramel popcorn and peanuts
-m&m’s milk chocolate
-m&m’s peanut

These movie gift baskets are the best options to present to anyone fond of movies. Most people love watching movies since it helps them to relax after a tiring day.

Receiving a special basket will truly delight a person and the gift will be truly cherished by them. Movie baskets have been one of the most exceptional and unique gifting options in the past few years that people love to receive.

The movie gift is a fun gift and those who receive them will enjoy the contents while watching their favorite show. This gift is unique and the giver will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.

The movie basket can hold a complete set of the latest DVD’s and can include a box of popcorn or popping bags to make the movie watching a theater experience. Some candies and goodies can also be added.

This basket is appropriate for everyone, be it friends or family members, regardless of their age. The gift idea can be appreciated by the whole family since they can sit and watch the set of complete DVD’s together.

Little pink Valentine’s day


These one of a kind baskets are the perfect option to bringing the whole family together for an important

party or get-together, complete with buckets of popcorn, snack food, candies, and cans of soda.

These fun filled, packaged movie baskets will make family reunions truly memorable and family members

will definitely enjoy the different movies in the basket regardless of their age groups.

You should take the time to research the likes and wants of your intended receiver of the gift. Once you know your gift receiver’s preferences, you can start assembling the DVD’s you will include in your movie basket. Aside from the popcorn, you can also add food items like candies and snack food.

You need to buy colorful wrapping paper to wrap the basket with and your gift will come out as attractive and highly personalized. You can also search for movie gift baskets on the internet. These movie gift baskets can also be easily purchased online and shipped to the recipient’s door. Or ship it to yourself, add one or two special items, and deliver it personally

The internet is another great source of information on where you can purchase readily available movie present. Just surf around the net to look for the best alternative there is, place your order and pretty soon, your gift recipient won’t be able to

thank you enough for such wonderful and thoughtful movie gift basket.

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